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Types of Scaffolding That Are Used In Construction

types of scaffolding

In the construction department, the scaffoldings used are of various types. It depends on the work site and modes of construction as to what kind of scaffolding would be considered the best fit for the purpose. But first, let us know in brief about what exactly a scaffolding is!


Well, it is not that no one knows exactly what a scaffolding is but the ones from non-construction background must have an idea about its usage and requirement in the world of construction. A scaffolding is actually a provisional structure that is used in the construction sites to provide support to the original structure.

It also lends support to the workers in the construction site to carry on their high rise works smoothly and safely. The scaffolding companies must make them strong and durable because it bears the brunt of the workers’ life and a slight imperfection in building them can risk the lives of the workers on the site. As the scaffoldings bear the weight of the construction materials alongside the workers’ weight, it ought to be made strong.


The types of scaffoldings differ depending on the type of construction work that is being carried out and so, here we are going to discuss some of them

  • Trestle scaffolding

    It is mostly used for interiors work like paintings, room cleaning, repairs, etc. This type of scaffolding is made in a way that it is supported on movable tripods or ladders and can be used up to 5 meters in height.

  • Patented scaffolding

    These kinds of scaffoldings are found readymade in the market and are generally made of steel. The joints are fitted with special kinds of farms or couplings that hold it strongly. The working platform of the patented scaffolding is set in the brackets in a way that it is adjustable to required extents and thus preferred by the construction workers.

  • Double scaffolding

    Normally used for the construction work of stone masonry, the double scaffolding is also called “mason’s scaffolding”. This scaffolding is made by two rows to support the digging of holes in the stone walls as it is hard to do so in such constructions. The first row is 20-30cms away from the wall and the 2nd row is put almost 1m away from the row so that they can form a stiff support for the construction work.

  • Single scaffolding

    Unlike the double scaffolding which is used for stone walls constructions, this one is made of only one row and used for the construction purpose of brick walls. It comprises of putlogs, standards, ledgers, etc. that are corresponded to the wall within a distance of 1.2m. The standards are placed at a distance of 2-2.5m and the ledgers are joined at a distance of 1.2-1.5m. The putlogs are placed at a distance of 1.2-1.5m.

  • Steel scaffolding

    As is evident by the name itself, the steel scaffoldings are made of steel tubes and are joined by couplers or fittings that are also of steel materials. It is very easy to work on such type of scaffoldings as they have better robust, superior and durable characteristics. Also, it is easy to dismantle or erect such scaffoldings. But it is a bit costly as compared to the other types of scaffoldings and thus, the steel scaffolding hire is only possible for the construction work when you are ready to shell out those extra bucks. It is a good choice for the ones who are high on the safety of the workers and do not negotiate with the safety issues.

  • Suspended scaffolding

    Much like the patented scaffolding, this one is used for the painting and repair purposes for the exteriors of the house. The working platform of the scaffolding is suspended from the roofs through wires or chains and it can be pulled up or down depending on the area of the work carried out in the construction sites.

  • Kwikstage scaffolding

    This scaffolding services system is made from supreme quality galvanized steel. It is easy to use with effortless assemblage and simple erectile process. It is also high on the safety of the construction workers because of the interlocked system and a strong base formation. It can be useful in large and small sites of construction depending upon the workload.

The scaffolding Essex possesses an expertise in producing such scaffoldings which are durable and safe for the workers to carry out their work on the constructions sites which are obviously high-risk zones. Securing the safety concerns of the workers is every employer’s duty and providing them with such durable scaffolding for the construction purposes can prove to be very beneficial for the safety matters. Thus, the next time you are confused about which scaffolding to hire, read the above descriptions and choose accordingly.

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