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8 Tips on Choosing the Right Scaffolding Company

It’s important to know how the scale of your project and how much it is going to cost you financially. It’s in your best interest to get quotes from a number of different scaffolding companies, so you can compare them against each other. There are various different scaffolding companies in Essex, each offering different prices for different types of scaffolding, so it’s important for you to know what kind of type you need for your particular project. This way you can find a company that fits your budget. This blog post is here to give you 8 tips onchoosing a scaffolding company.

Know your budget

know your budget

Make sure, when looking for quotes, that you have your project brief finalised and complete. Small changes can alter the price of your service, so it’s in your best interest to have this decided before you look around.

If you’re on a budget, it’s important to make sure you don’t just go for the cheapest option, just because it’s the cheapest available. You should never sacrifice on the quality of the service, just because you want to save a few hundred pounds. Make sure you leave enough money in your budget to ensure you get the best quality scaffolding for a reasonable price.

Make sure they’re insured


It’s important to check whether the scaffolding companies you’re choosing from are insured. UK scaffolding companies must have the relevant insurance cover before they begin trading. Companies are under no obligation to tell you straight away if they’re insured or not. You can, however, ask if they have insurance, where they will tell you if they do, or do not.

Are they experienced


There are many different types of jobs when it comes to the scaffolding industry, so it is important to find a company that is thoroughly experienced in the particular scaffolding you need. The best way to figure out if that company is experienced enough for you would be to talk to a number of companies. That way you’ll be able to see who best responds to the type of project you have described to them.

It’s also advised to ask them if they have worked on any previous projects that are similar to yours. If they say no, or can’t give you a list, then you can assume they aren’t experienced for the project you’re looking for scaffolding for. If they can talk about previous jobs similar to yours, what they’ve done for them and how they’ve done it, then it increases the amount of experience you can expect them to have on the subject. This is a big tip on choosing a scaffolding company, as it put’s you in the best position to get you job completed to the best possible standard.

Health and safety

The safety of you and your team should be your first initial concern when working with scaffolding. The best cause of action for you would be to check if the company you plan on working with have any specific policies, certifications, regulations or credentials in the safety department. You can ask the companies about their credentials beforehand, but high rated scaffolding companies will have them listed on their website. Recognised safety bodies you should keep an eye out for are The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, RoSPA, and The Construction Industry Training Board, CITB.

Working at heights can always be a dangerous thing, so it’s important to know whether the people working on your property have taken the proper precautions beforehand. Different buildings require different prerequisites, so it is important to make sure thorough risk assessments have been taken before you continue with the project.

When working with scaffolding on your house, on-site health and safety responsibility falls to the scaffolder. When it comes to businesses, however, the rules are different. In accordance with The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, the scaffolder is responsible for all on-site factors, but also the safety of anyone whose safety may be affected by the project. This includes employees at the company and the public in the area.

Can you trust them


When working with a scaffolding company, It’s important to have a certain level of trust. This is due to the fact that they will be setting up in and around your project space, which could be your home or office space. It’s important to feel at ease with the company you’ve chosen so it is recommended that you meet with them beforehand. Talk to them about their company and staff so you can get an idea of how they work, and what policies they may have that protects you and your privacy.

It is also advised to check out their online presence. What are others saying about them? Are there any scandals that have built them in a negative light? Search them up on If there are any negative reviews, ask them about it, that way you can hear their side of the story before continuing further. An online reputation can tell you a lot about how a company functions in the scaffolding industry. It allows you to check how others found them and their services, which lets you build a picture before you meet them. Search phrases like “Essex scaffolding company reviews”, or whatever area you’re searching for.

You can also ask people in your area if they’ve worked with any scaffolding companies they can trust. Local scaffolding companies tend to get work with people in their area, so you can ask people what they think of specific companies they’ve worked with.

How much training have they had


For a scaffolding company to legally trade in the UK, they must be registered and licensed with the required bodies. This is to make sure that all their staff follow the required protocol, to make sure that the project runs well without any preventable issues occurring.

Know what type of equipment is needed

When it comes to installing scaffolding, there is a significant amount of equipment used when it comes to assembling the job. Find out what equipment they’ll be using, and check whether the quality of the equipment is as up to date as it could be. Do the same with other various companies then compare the price of scaffolding and equipment with each competitor. Doing this allows you to see which companies are using older, outdated versions of equipment and what prices they’re offering for. When looking at prices, the fees requested can be quite similar to each other, roughly around the market equilibrium. Knowing what equipment each company uses allows you to get the best quality for the best price.

Learn what the Government say about scaffolding

Before working with scaffolding, it is important to note that knowing the government rules of scaffolding puts you at a good advantage when it comes to picking a company.

  • It is a must that you acquire the services of a builder or scaffolding company that is trained and competent.
  • The Government state that it’s the responsibility of the scaffolding company or builder in acquiring a scaffolding licence that will go on the highway. The pavement is included in this.
  • It is your job to make sure that the company you trade with has the relevant licenses, however. You also need to know that it doesn’t expire before the job is completed.

Contact your local council, as they may have a list of valid and approved contractors.

Scaffolding in your area can sometimes be a risk to the public, especially if it is in highly populated areas. The Government advice that in order to minimise the risk of accidents, it is best to schedule scaffolding work at times of the day where foot traffic is quite low. If possible, you can request a highway closure, with the assistance of your local council.

By law, the government state that you have to check the scaffolding to ensure it’s safe; before it is used, every 7 days, after alterations, and after damage and extreme weather conditions.

Knowing this information and keeping up to date with what the government say puts you in the best possible position when picking a scaffolding company. It also informs you about any changes to the law that may affect you, keeping you out of trouble, should you follow all of their rules and regulations.

We understand that choosing the right scaffolding company can be a long and tedious process. It can also be a difficult choice, which is why we’ve decided to give you our advice on what we’d recommend you do in order to find the best scaffolding company for you, with full transparency. If you are interested in finding more about us, contact us and get in touch. We’re happy to answer any questions you have to ask about scaffolding.

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