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7 Advantages of Using Scaffolding for Construction

advantages of scaffolding

Scaffolding is an integral part of the construction industry and makes life easier for workers. In spite of being around for a long time, it remains a valuable and life-saving structure for workers regardless of the size of the construction. Safety apart, scaffolding also makes the task of construction easier. You could be a construction firm building large commercial structures or a small builder constructing homes, scaffolding is a must and makes life easy for you. It also bears mentioning that it also quickens the pace of construction which can help a firm beat tight deadlines. In keeping with that, here we look seven advantages of using scaffolds when building, renovating or repairing any structure.

1) Enables easy access

Construction, along with the various other activities it involves, becomes a whole lot tougher if access to any part is absent or limited. This is a major conundrum addressed by scaffolding as it allows unhindered access to any part of the structure. This is immensely useful when the said structure is a tall building and where support is important. Scaffolding creates a secure working space no matter how tall the structure is. The interconnected layout of the scaffolding further ensures builders and workers get full access to every area of the building for tasks like plastering and painting.

2) Provides perfect balance

In addition to accessibility, the other advantage of scaffolding is the balance. There are a lot of precision tasks in construction that require workers to be at their deftest. That is only possible when a worker is put on a firm footing, which is something that scaffolding does brilliantly. Thanks to the flat surface that scaffolds offer, workers can balance themselves in different positions. The latter is important because there are certain tasks that necessitate a specific position.

3) Ensures safety

Safety is among the top advantages of scaffolding in construction and few would argue against it. Depending upon the task at hand, construction workers might be required to work at dizzying heights (100 feet or more). The exact height of the scaffolding is a function of the number of floors a building has. With scaffolding, workers are ensured a safe working surface.

4) Boosts productivity

One of the less apparent advantages of scaffolding is an increase in overall productivity. This is a direct benefit of the greater efficiency that results from the increased safety and access that are provided by scaffolds. When a worker is offered a comfortable working space, productivity is bound to increase, especially in a physically demanding occupation like construction work.

5) Offers easy assembly & dismantling

Contrary to popular perception, assembling and dismantling scaffolding does not take time. In fact, they are simple to assemble and disassemble and save a lot of time. For builders, who are forever battling construction deadlines, anything that can save time is more than welcome. Scaffolding firms do just that by taking the least amount of time to put up and take down scaffolds.

6) Acts a bridge

Construction involves a number of activities where workers might need to take a long and winding route to access a certain point. This is a huge waste of time and makes workers unnecessarily tired as well. Scaffolding works around this problem by offering numerous bridging points which significantly reduce the distance that workers need to cover. Apart from saving time and energy, these bridging points also make construction simpler.

7) Lasts for a long time

Scaffolds last for a long time, like really long. While wooden scaffold is slowly going out of fashion, they too can last for a really long time. Steel, however, is the clear winner when it comes to lifespan. The more important thing here is that it manages to last long while also offering a high level of security.

You could be a homeowner looking to renovate parts of your home or a small builder engaged in the construction business, either way; the importance of scaffolding for your task cannot be understated. They help minimise risks, maximise efficiency and shorten construction time significantly.

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