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A Guide to Scaffold Use in the Construction

Scaffold Use in the Construction

In the construction industry, there is always a high risk of the workers who use a scaffold to reach the higher heights and work in the construction sites risking their lives all for executing the work properly.


There have been cases of so many accidents caused in and around the UK due to scaffolding accidents that it has come to a point when the official has to put guidelines to the makers of the scaffoldings to follow certain guidelines to be in compliance with the safety standards.


The construction is workers are also advised to choose only such type of scaffoldings for their construction site which ensures their full safety and does not have the slightest of quality issues as far as the safety standards are concerned.


We will have a look at these guidelines later on, in this article but first, let us discuss the types of scaffolding used for various kinds of work by the construction companies and the types available at the scaffolding companies in Essex for the work.


To start with, the scaffoldings are mainly made keeping in mind the height and mode of work for which is needed by the construction workers. There is one for the highest heights and there is one for the in-house works too. The scaffolding hire Essex depends on the work on the construction site and thus, the safety measures are taken in that way too.


The types of scaffoldings used for the construction work are the trestle scaffolding which is used for construction sites of up to 5metres, the steel scaffolding which is made up if steel and scores high on the safety concerns, the suspended scaffolding which is basically used for exterior works through the means of hanging, patented scaffolding which is also made of steel and found in the market in readymade condition.


Other than these there are cantilever scaffolding, single and double scaffolding, Kwikstage scaffolding, etc. which are also used to carry out the work on the interiors and exteriors of the construction area. Most of them do provide easy erection and dismantling and so the buyers of all these types are available in the market for the best purpose.


Now let us discuss the basic guidelines needed to use the scaffoldings in the construction sites in and around the UK


To cut down the risk factors of the workers on the construction sites, firstly there is a need for them to follow certain safety guidelines, which are


  • The scaffolding should be assembled or dismantled under expert guidance. It means that only the ones who have knowledge and experience in doing this would be allowed to do this job of erection and taking down so that just anyone from the crowd cannot do this and invite unnecessary accidents due to lack of knowledge for the same.


  • The construction company must provide access of safe ladders to reach the scaffolding top and must not climb or jump to be there this is done to prevent any kind of accident while doing the same as some scaffoldings are high in height and formal climbing can hurt the workers in many ways.


  • When the scaffolding lumbers are created, it is advised to use the scaffold-grade ones only to avoid any quality issues.


  • Every construction site must have trained professionals who have dealt with scaffolding earlier. He would guide all the workers as to how to use the scaffolding safely and in what way it should be assembled or dismantled to avoid any risk factors. In his expert guidance, the accidents can be prevented by a greater extent.


  • Every scaffolding must have toeboards and guards installed in them which are 2 frames or 10 feet above the ground to ensure that the worker does not find any difficulty while using the scaffolds for the work purpose.


  • The scaffolds always carry a limit till which it can be loaded with humans and materialistic stuff required for the construction purpose. But while making one (or buying one) make sure it is capable of holding at least 3 times more load than the set limit. As it is evident that in every construction site the work pressure is high and no one is really going to weigh the load before boarding the scaffoldings. So, this measure is a very important one to cut down the risks by a greater extent.


These are the basic guidelines that not only the makers of the scaffoldings must follow but the buyers must also keep in mind while buying one. Some scaffoldings are not bought but hired for a certain period and then when the work is done, it is returned to the owners; these second-hand scaffoldings must be checked thoroughly for any risk factors before the next use. The scaffolding Essex ensures that these guidelines are met and the workers remain safe in the construction sites.

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